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Introducing our easy-to-use online calculator, which is intended to give you a customised cost estimate by considering the average cost of our projects

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7. Would you like us to optimise speed for your website (90+ speed page optimzer for blazing fast website)?
8. Would you like us content for your website and optimise it for SEO (80+ on Page SEO for website to be found easily on Google)?
9. Would you content for your extra pages of your website and optimise them for SEO (80+ on Page SEO for website to be found easily on Google)?
10. Would you like us to write content for your website on a regular basis to make it “lively”?
11. Do you have a Logo for your website
12. Do you want your website to be found easily on Google with a boosted SEO plan?
13. Would you like us to optimise your LinkedIn profile to stand out?
14. Do you want to have a LinkedIn Manager (Fulltime dedicated to you)
15. Would you like us to help with dedicated virtual assistance to offload some tasks? We will save you money
16. Would you like help with your website maintenance (Very important for WordPress websites)
17. What specific features do you need to integrate into your WordPress site? Be specific as you can.
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